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Third Lesson

Document Properties

There are many properties that can be used with document in JavaScript. You have already used the write method with document and now you will learn about using properties. A few other properties include bgcolor, fgcolor, title, and location.

There are other properties (and methods for that matter), but we can start with these. Let's practice.

What do you think the following line would do:
<INPUT TYPE = Button VALUE = "Colour One" Onclick = "document.bgColor = 'Red'">
You have to consider the syntax when writing this code (as well as all code). The Onclick parameter needs to be in double quotes (") and the bgcolor needs to be in single quotes. The VALUE sets what text is in the Button. The Onclick sets the document background color to Red. You can also use Hex values in place of colors (Red=

What do you think fgColor does? Doesn't take a genious it changes your foreground color (Text)

Here is an example of some buttons that change the foreground and background:

<INPUT TYPE = Button VALUE = "Background Red" Onclick = "document.bgColor = '#FF0000'">
<INPUT TYPE = Button VALUE = "Background Blue" Onclick = "document.bgColor = '#0000FF'">
<INPUT TYPE = Button VALUE = "Foreground Red" Onclick = "document.fgColor = '#FF0000'">
<INPUT TYPE = Button VALUE = "Foreground Blue" Onclick = "document.fgColor = '#0000FF'">
<INPUT TYPE = Button VALUE = "Title Change" Onclick = "document.title = 'You Changed the title'">
<INPUT TYPE = Button VALUE = "Doc Loc" Onclick = "alert(document.location)">

This produces:

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This page shows you how to use Javascript in buttons to change the background, foreground, and even the title.